‎Dukki Square – ميدان الدقي

When we speak of cycling mobility in Cairo, we often get voices that say it’s impossible to cycle in Cairo. However, there is a thriving cycling scene in the city; a young one and a traditional one. Personally, I have been using my bike to work for more than 2 years now. It is always notable/interesting how people deal with the intersections, Especially the “complex/crowded” ones in Cairo.

Dukki Square.png
An aerial view for Dukki Square

In April 2018. we decided to go deeper than observing. Starting with Dukki Square Intersection; for half an hour from 9:00 to 9:30 am -which is the typical workers commute to their work- we were counting bike users and tracing their routes in that intersection.

The following illustrations describe the final results for that study:

In half an hour, 35 bike users were counted in Dukki Square
This aerial view describes the movement and directions of bike users
English Dukki Key.png
1 out of 3 bike users pass through Dukki square coming from Buhoos to Gala

Studying and documenting the movement of bike users in Egypt is among our goals in Tabdeel. So that we can actually understand how can our cities and infrastructure be more bikeable. And

This study for Dukki square is just a start for integrated studies that understand the flows more in Cairo.

Graphics By: Ahmed Tarek Al-Ahwal

Research By: Ahmed Tarek Al-Ahwal
Hesham Gamal Al-Din


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