Cycling film night – سهرة أفلام العجل

من المهم إعادة النظر في الدراجة الهوائية من منظور مختلف. حركات عالمية تنادي ل بديل مستدام و رخيص و صحي للتنقل في المدينة. وخصوصا لتوفر وعي كبير للمشاكل التي تواجهنا في المدن مثل التغير المناخي و التوتر والضغط الحضري بسبب التصميم القديم المتوارث للمدينة الذي يتمحور حول السيارات. قدمت القنصلية الأسبانية بالأسكندرية و تبديل عرض و مناقشة فيلمين شيقين!ز
‘Bikes Vs Cars’ و ‘How Seville got its cycling network’
‘السيارات ضد الدراجات’ و ‘كيف حصلت إشبيلية على شبكة طرق للدراجات’سواء كنت تملك دراجة او لا او حتى تفكر في الحصول ع واحدة فإنك ستستمتع بمشاهدة الفيلمين.ز
بعد العرض سوف أجرينا مناقشة مفتوحة عن العجل في مصر والتحديات والفرص التي تواجه حراك الدراجات.ز
تم العرض في مركز الجزويت الثقافي بالإسكندرية مع توفير اماكن لركن الدراجات.ز
قام أعضاء فريق تبديل بترجمة الفيلم للغة العربية وعرض الترجمة مع الفيلم وكذلك تمت تقديم الترجمة للشركة المنتجة لينتفع الجمهور العربي بمشاهدة المادة الوثائقية.ز

“ Bike is seen as a child’s toy

Poor man’s last choice

Rich man’s obsession.”

(Ben Jones, 2018)

Nowadays, it is important to seriously rethink of the bike from a different perspective. Global movements now call for a more sustainable, cheaper and healthier alternative for urban mobility. Especially that there is a huge awareness of the rising challenges of climate change and urban stresses and issues our cities face because of the “inherited, old fashioned” car-oriented city planning.

So, in collaboration between The General Consulate of Spain, we screened two interesting films: ‘Bikes Vs Cars’ and a short Street Film ‘How Seville got its cycling network’ to discuss and celebrate the cycling movement worldwide with.

We had an open discussion through which both specialists and non-specialists can share their opinions. The films are screened in English with Arabic language subtitles, which was provided by Tabdeel as a step to introduce different media to the Arabic-speaking audience in order to disseminate information of the planning process for bicycles and bike movements from different cities.

About the movies:

‘Bikes vs Cars’ is a documentary that depicts a global crisis that we all deep down know we need to talk about: climate, earth’s resources, cities where the entire surface is consumed by the car. An ever-growing, dirty, noisy traffic chaos. It discusses the bike as an amazing tool for change. It highlights a conflict in city planning between bikes and cars, where we meet activists and thinkers who are fighting for better cities.

‘How Seville got its cycling network’ is a short film shows the journey of change that Seville, Spain city had to undergo in order to be bike friendly under the will of the community and municipality. Seville has made enormous strides in creating a bike infrastructure that encompasses the metro area. They went from nonexistent riders to an expansive bike network that has a 10 percent bike mode share. 35% of riders are women! and in just 18 months the city installed 80 kms of bike lanes.

Part of the audience, Tabdeel team and the Spanish Consulate team in the Jesuit center after the screening

After the screening, There was an open discussion about cycling in Egypt and the challenges and potential ahead of the cycling movement. The event has took place in the Jesuit culture center, bicycle parking spaces was available for the guests.

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